Mylo Xyloto

We wanted to create an environment inspired by the world of Mylo Xyloto, the character behind the album.  The concept was a ball of energy from which light and colour emanated.  It was important to incorporate neon lights, lasers,  fluorescent colours and a painterly feel to fuse contemporary technology with hand elements. The band were keen to use graffiti in a new way which offered us all a really exciting challenge.  We collaborated with artists Paris and Mill to develop our own style of mark making, inspired by the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Picasso.  We did workshops with the band in which we experimented with spray cans, acrylics, fluorescents and paint pens,  the results were extraordinary.  This was the beginning of a great creative collaboration with the band, Paul Normandale and Phil Harvey, the band’s Creative Director.

Creative Director: Phil Harvey
Lighting Designer: Paul Normandale
Photo Credit: